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2019-10-19 20:28:42
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Rework ### is to proceed with the melee jeongken limited payback period of Stein in the new environment. '

- Important Changes - friendly;

  1. Immediately after use all the sights Ana projectile speed is greatly increased.
  2. When you attack bosses to know the basic attack, you can stop a very short time to move.
  3. Winston attack the head with basic attacks, you can create a non-moving state.
  4. Winston give a damage to the head in the state with the raw anger of the knocked down causes a short period of time.
  5. Creative Mac are now not able to fill the gauge while gunggeukgi damage to jomnik, resulting in a gunggeukgi gauge of 20% every time you attack the head.
  6. If the Mac Cree chief who is treated as a damage gunggeukgi gauge is 100%.
  7. Doom Fist is now can not be the primary remote attacks.
  8. Basic attacks of Doom Fist is replaced by the quake struck.
  9. The chief who was shot in the attack Fist of Doom (including melee) was knocked out a short time.
  10. Bastion is iphimyeon damage to the enemy chief will head a little forced.
  11. reserves the effect that Reinhardt has always reflecting 100% of the incoming damage to the head.
  12. reserves the effectiveness of Gitega Bree always reflecting 100% of the incoming damage to the head.
  13. If you take into gunggeukgi of Lucio and instantly killed the head of the chief enemies grade, receives the return gunggeukgi. My shield granted effective range will remain unchanged.
  14. Other various revisions '

- Important Changes - the enemy;

  1. reserves the ability to fly while envoys are using the specter Tuesday.
  2. envoy only defense is low, significantly higher absorption of vitality.
  3. Use the reaper gunggeukgi unlimited instead of the default can not be attacked.
  4. Use an unlimited number of hooks rather than the monster jeongken Stein can not be the primary attack.
  5. danghamyeon shot hooks of jeongken Stein Monster will fall in the state can not move for a while.
  6. Cool time is significantly elevated, instead of turning technology of breath jeongken Stein Monster recovered all the stamina of jeongken Stein Monster.
  7. danghamyeon of jeongken Stein monster hit in the health status of low self-destruct with enemies within a certain range.
  8. Summoner reserves the effect of always reflecting 100% of incoming damage.
  9. When the attack (except for reflection damages) Summoner goes into permanent sleep. Sleep will receive continued the attack until the Summoner's death.
  10. danghamyeon shot of the grenade jeongken Dr. Stein has burns.
  11. jeongken Dr. Stein will attempt to kill the tire cast molrimyeon at bay.
  12. Witches have unlimited use of Valkyrie and now restores a number in the air. '

- Important Changes - Other]

  1. Orissa with the help of a bot, you can proceed to the game if the player is running out.
  2. In Orissa game bot tries a shot but toward the spawn based on the front, does not help the game progress.
  3. gradually regained strength If the player does not perform any action on the ground.
  4. Press the button to interact in a state of death can be changed in a random hero. It died waiting time will be reset every time you want to change.