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(3 recommended play / 1-3 is playable) Putt defeat the enemies and bosses that appear every round with the player! Difficulty ball "Award!

! [] (Https://bnetcmsus-a.akamaihd.net/cms/gallery/5X7R1MXUG4UU1571489454066.gif)

 - Kenji, a set, if Mowbray left exit (green circle), and then select the hero of the game and go to the gite, you can destroy enemies in sight.  - You can check your levels and enhanced points at the top left, you can check the stats on the top right of the screen. Saenggimyeon points after the strengthening of select key stats can sit strengthen key interaction. (Strength, that damage, damage taken stat can be strengthened)  - it can revive a key player sit upon death.  - a total of 60 rounds 10 said the boss appeared in every round. Reinhardt defeat the final boss when a player wins.